OutLaw Training Camp

Outlaw Training Camps
A Review by: Kyle Lighthiser
             Imagine, for a second, you had the opportunity to learn and train with one of the best coaches and athletes in the sport of CrossFit. Imagine three days to pick the brain of a man whose credits include multiple athlete appearances in the CrossFit games, and arguably the best track record in the sport.  Welcome to the Outlaw Training Camps, or Doomsday Camps as they so lovingly put it.  
Description: Macintosh HD:Users:UN:Desktop:10031_179247455555311_277842792_n.jpg         Most CrossFit certifications are as follows, one or two days of training with an accompanying test of some sort.  Outlaw takes a different approach, take 50 CrossFit and fitness-oriented people, pack them into a gym and unloads massive amount of knowledge bombs upon their small brain.  Rudy Nielsen is the bearded master of ceremonies for the weekend.  Your first night is a two-hour meet and greet weightlifting session.  You and you new friends take time to compare lifts all under he watchful eye of Rudy and his coaches.  After watching some monster lifts everyone enjoys a beer or two while talking over the first nights events.  
         Day two of camp is when things get serious. Rudy will lead you along in talks of barbell work, efficiency movements, and at least one workout before the day is over.  Rudy paces around the room like a judgmental bearded wizard looking for mistakes and weaknesses.  His passion for the sport and his Olympic lifts are clearly evident throughout the day.  Rudy exudes the mantra of CrossFit days of old. He's loud, vulgar, passionate and unrelenting.  Most people leave day two with a new understanding for the Olympic moves as a result of bruised egos or sore hamstrings.

  If you're not sore by day three then you're doing something wrong.  There's noticeable moaning in the morning and the lacrosse balls are out in full force.  Your final day begins with an intro to gymnastics as applied to CrossFit.  Considerable time is spent on handstand practice and segues into handstand push ups.  For the remainder of the gymnastics session, Rudy and his crew continue to watch and critique form and function.  The final part of day three ends with a quick squat class along with a massive programming lecture. A question and answer session wraps it up.  There are no dumb questions when seeking Rudy's advice.  Every question, no matter the level, is answered with passion and eagerness.  No coach, in my opinion, has ever been so willing to share his training regimen in such an in-depth way.  
         Rudy's way of showing his passion and excitement for CrossFit is nothing short of infectious.  Over the course of three days he will inject more knowledge than most can process.  He bestows life-long habits to make you and your athletes better CrossFitters.  If he decides to do a second round of training camps they will surely sell out as word of its value gets to the masses.  I encourage you all to seek them out and attend if possible.